Zakhia Kouser

My name is Zakhia Kouser. I have never volunteered before, this is my first volunteering experience. I decided to take part in this project because it sounded interested and it sounded like a very good opportunity for me to build upon my skills. The part of the project that interested me the most was transcription because I needed to type down everything I hear and it was a challenging, yet enjoyable experience. From this volunteering experience I learnt that it can take quite a while to get the transcription as it was a slow yet steady process however, I enjoyed doing this and it has also given me some transcription experience. I have learnt that volunteering is not always easy, however, it was definitely an enjoyable experience. With regards to my heritage, this experience has taught me that we can mix both the British and Pakistani culture. My experiences from this volunteering opportunity would definitely make me want to volunteer again as I learnt a lot from this experience and it has been a very enjoyable experience.