Are you interested in contributing to your community?

We are always looking for keen volunteers. There are many opportunities for everyone to get involved.  Are you a good transcriber, maybe you can tell an animated story, event management fancy your interest, or developing quizzes and games for people of all ages? We have lots going on in this project at various stages, whether you want to be involved throughout the project or can just a day. We would like to hear from you. Some of the activities you could get involved in are listed below.

Developing an interactive exhibition for 60,000 people? Yes, that includes creating the stall, scheduling the activities, exhibit material for the project.

Are you interested in developing a children’s story book?

Can you tell an animated story?

Would you like to manage the online interface of this project?

Can you help us to transcribe the oral history interviews, so we can share and store these memories?

Can you distribute our project leaflets in your community? Or at our exhibition?

Can you manage a train manage and co-ordinate team of volunteers?

Can you arrange oral history interviews for other members of the team?

Would you like to organise and run a focus group?

YOU can make a difference to this project. If you would like to volunteer and be part of this study please contact Amna on 0161-247-3947.