Safwan Mallu


My name is Safwan Mallu and I have been volunteering on a weekly basis on the project. The tasks that I have been involved in are helping to develop and create promotional material for the Mega Mela, doing transcription of interviews and contributing my ideas to the focus group meetings which I have attended. I have volunteered before for Bcom which is a Muslim committee where I had to plan a strategy on how to raise money to fund for the local area. I was responsible for the stalls which were set up. I had to ensure that the items which were being sold were suitable for the targeted age groups and had to strategically plan which stall was to be placed where in order to efficiently attract visitors coming to the event.

I volunteered because I wanted to add something to my CV to make it more unique and stand out to other companies and organisations. I also wanted to increase my skills which will help me develop as an individual. Finally, I wanted to gain the experience of volunteering with a project that looks at the heritage and cultural differences and to have more knowledge and appreciate the cultural habits of people from different cultures.

The interest for this project came from my cousin sister who does volunteering for many different organizations which encouraged me to get into volunteering myself.  Being a part of this project would allow me to learn more about the different cultures and their backgrounds and how different each individual is unique in their throughts about giving and receiving gifts.

From this volunteering experience I have learnt more about how to work as a team, be organised and how to manage my time. I have also had the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and develop my team working skills.

This experience of working on the project has taught me that different cultures do things in a different manner. Some cultures are bothered about receiving gifts and some aren’t and just love to give gifts out to people or families. This experience that I have gained has encouraged me to take part in more events like this one into the near future.