Naveeda-week 4

On the fourth week of the project, I have been successful in being able to contact the Manager for the Pakistani Resource Centre to be able to discuss and finalise the details of a potential coffee morning where respondents will be invited to come and speak about the project.  I have also been successful in bringing in respondents to be interviewed and have myself conducted interviews.  I have also used my own social network to book more interviews and will need to contact those respondents to finalise the dates and times.  It has been an intense week with interviews being conducted every day and in some cases there have been more than one interview conducted per day.  My challenges for next week include maintaining the number of respondents coming in to be interviewed as we will need to ensure that we can interview as many as we can.  I will also need to organise the agenda for the steering group meeting and ensure that I am able to book rooms, tea coffee etc. in time for the steering group meeting.