Naveeda-week 2

On my second week of the project, I have been successful in being able to sit in and listen to, and transcribe an interview.  During the interview it was important that I used my listening skills and was able to follow as I was responsible for later summarising the interview.  As well as being able to write a summary, I have also been responsible for the transcription of a whole interview.  I transcribed 10 minutes of the interview and then collated it together using teamwork skills to obtain the rest of the transcripts from my colleagues.  It was important that we worked together to try and transcribe the interview and to ensure that it was consistent.  At the end of second week of the project, 2 interviews were successfully conducted and transcribed.  Teamwork was the main focus this week as it was important that everyone worked together to achieve one transcript that was consistent and concise.  My challenges for next week are to continue using my teamwork skills and to ensure that the standard of consistency stays high and that interviews are being transcribed efficiently.