Nabila Khalil


My name is Nabila Khalil and I have been volunteering on the project on a weekly basis, contributing to focus group meetings and helping to design and create promotional material for the Mega Mela event. I have done volunteering work previously during placements throughout college and university where I have worked in a number of schools and pre-schools as a teaching assistant and an early years practitioner. I volunteered to take part in the project because once I had taken part in an interview about my gift giving experience, I gained an insight into the project which then sparked an interest. I found the project very interesting and decided I want to become more involved and become a team member. I also wanted to enhance my CV and gain volunteering experience within this field and it was something that I had not done before.
I became interested in this project because I was intrigued in gift giving behaviour of different South Asian communities. This was a unique project that and I wanted to know more about the opportunities the project had to offer. From this volunteering experience I learnt how to manage events and activities, transcribe interviews and improved my time management as well as my time keeping and organisational skills. My team working skills have also been enhanced. This experience has taught me how unique gift giving experiences can be for individuals within the same community. It has also given me an insight into the gift giving habits of people from my own community as well as other communities. I have really enjoyed volunteering for this project and have gained lots of experience and so it has motivated me to volunteer further.