Millie Vardheim

My name is Millie and I was involving in the creation of the illustrations used in the children’s storybook. I was born and raised in Norway and after a gap year of travelling and work I decided to move to Manchester in order to pursue an academic career in Media and Marketing. I’m currently studying Digital Media and Marketing at the Manchester Metropolitan University and also working as a photographer and reporter for the Manchester Metropolitan University Futures programme. I love to travel, learning about new culture and curiosity is what keeps me going. I am a huge fan of painting, drawing and photography and I love being able to combine these passions in my work.

I have volunteered previously for several music festivals in Norway and two years ago I went to South Africa to volunteer on a Great White Shark cage diving boat and I also assisted marine biologists in collecting data and information about the sharks. I also got to cage dive for free! I volunteered to take part in the project as I love painting and drawing and this project would be a great challenge and opportunity for me to do something I really love and create something that will hopefully bring a smile on someone’s face.

What interested me about the project was the fact that this project was for such an interesting and good cause. I love learning about new cultures and through this project we were introduced to gift giving in different cultures and through our illustrations we gained a new and deep understanding of gift giving in Asian cultures. Also being able to be given the chance to do something creative really sparked my interest!

Being able to do volunteer work, especially creative work like this is such an amazing way to give something back. Working on this project has been so fun and made me want to do even more volunteer work!