Humayra Mogra

My name is Humayra Mogra and I have volunteered on the project and taken part in transcribing interviews. I have volunteered previously as a member of Project Jigsaw on behalf of Envision to design and launch a magazine made by the children of Birmingham Children’s Hospital for other patients like themselves. I am also sub-editor of The Revival, a nationwide youth magazine where I proofread articles, offer feedback on submissions and artwork and distribute them within my locality.

I wanted to volunteer to take part in this project because it was something that I have done previously and felt that it would develop my attentiveness and accuracy and I thought it was an exciting way of filling up my free time.

What interested me about this project was that I realise that gift giving is a practice amongst people of all ages but our reasons for giving gifts may vary. I wanted to have a small insight into the similarities and differences between my own gift giving and of the people whose interviews I would transcribe.

I have learnt several things from this volunteering experience. Firstly, in order to be efficient it is better to take breaks in between long tasks rather than trying to type for the entire duration of an interview which can be approximately eight hours. This ensures that I am fully attentive with the task with regards to listening and typing what I hear. Secondly, I have become slightly cautious about avoiding long pauses, refraining from saying “erm” and “like” and the speed of my speech. Thirdly, I have learnt that there are many acceptable ways of presenting gifts and the occasions for gifting them.