Helen Broadbent

My name is Helen and I have worked on the project and provided illustrations for the children’s storybook. I have volunteered before waitressing at Community Church Lunches where I have handled money, served food and drinks and demonstrated extensive customer service skills. Other volunteering experience that I have had include designing logos and banners for my cousins marketing business, teaching young children how to play sport e.g. goalball and swimming, volunteering for setting up the Manchester United Soccer Camp event over a whole weekend and I also put myself forward to be on the sporting societies committee at university next year.

I volunteered to take part in this project as I thought it would be a really interesting and fun thing to do alongside with coping with my university studies and take certain things off my mind and help me to relax. I volunteered because I know that I work extremely well in group based activities as well as individually and thought it would also be able to further my skills; being more creative and being able to do free-expression on the work that would be produced. I thought it was also a great idea to be able to find out the use of how a children’s book was put together and what happened behind the scenes of creating the product. Taking part in this project is also something for me to put on my CV – something that employers will be amazed by when reading it.

The thing that interested me most about this project was actually being able to do all the artistic illustrations for the book, drawing them, painting them with water colours as well as adapting all the illustrations in Photoshop to make them more realistic and worthy for the published book.

My experiences with doing this project will want to make me do further volunteering! Employers look mostly for volunteering experience as it’s not all about the money. I have also gained myself more knowledge and understanding about how things can be published so quickly and everything is timed. It’s also shown me that I can work with speed keeping to very short deadlines, so anything is possible.