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My name is Afzal Mulla and I study Economics at Manchester Metropolitan University. I have just finished my year of my degree and during the summer I will be working as an intern in the gift-giving project. During my first week I produced documentation for the interviews we would be holding such as consent forms, information leaflet and recording agreement. Also I produced interview logs so we can record all the vital information from the interview. I learnt a lot of new stuff in my first week such as how to conduct an interview, which is according to the standards of the North West Sound Archive. This will help me in the forthcoming weeks. During the week also I have helped in finding respondents from the Indian ethnic group of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation. I did this by asking my close mates who are of Indian descent. Next week I will face new challenges such as producing a transcript, so I am really looking forward to the challenge.

Rahbaan-Week 1

My name is a Rahbaan Khan I am a final year marketing management student currently partaking in an internship at Manchester Metropolitan University as part of the ‘gift giving project’.  This project is sponsored by the national lottery heritage fund. In our first week we started off by planning the schedule and tent layout of the Mega Mela event in summer 2015. This allowed me to become more self-sufficient in generating ideas and creativity through a brainstorm that me and Abdul created. Next we arranged the Pakistani interviews which allowed us to map out the next fortnight with 2 interviews a day where possible to maximise the efficiency before broke up for Ramadan. We also looked at arranging coffee mornings with local organisations such as ADAB and the Jinnah day care centre. This allowed me to take my own initiative and arrange one to one meetings with the management team from Jinnah creating a more personal and therefore stronger relationship with the organisation. All in all my first week informative as it outlined what tasks each one of us had to complete at the end of this internship and it made me excited at the prospect of being solely responsible for a set task.

Naveeda-week 1

My name is Naveeda Khalil and I am currently a student at the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) studying BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science and in my final year.  I am currently also an intern on the Gift Giving Project which is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.  This is my first week working on the project.  During this week, I have been successful in being able to liaise with community groups and organise events.  This has involved organising a coffee morning at a local school.  This has allowed me to use my communication skills effectively and to organise events.  I have also helped in finding individuals from the Pakistani and Bengali ethnic groups from the first, second and third generation.  This was done via networking and I learnt that it is easy to find the right people when looking at the right places for example, looking at local communities to organise coffee mornings.  My first week has mainly looked at researching and finding the right candidates to be interviewed.  My new challenges for next week include conducting the interviews and to start transcription of these interviews

Abdul-week 1

My name is Abdul Sattar and I have just finished my Master’s degree in project management. I have now been and intern in the MMU git giving project for one week. I have learnt a lot in my time on the project. I have learnt to liaise with community groups and set up interviews with people by arrange dates on the phone and via email. I was tasked to contact 30 people that we could interview from the Bengali background across three generations. We managed to get in touch with many second and third generation people but were having trouble with the first. We did arrange meetings with a few groups and just waiting on their reply.

We also focused a full day on the Manchester Mega Mela in which we would be having a stall to promote the finding of the study. The duties included in this was mapping out the stall itself, the promotion and marketing of it and also the full budget.