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Afzal-week 4

After coming back from the Ramadan break it was a case of assessing where I was at that point of the project. I managed to do quite a few transcripts and I was feeling very comfortable doing it, but I needed to push on with getting respondents from the Indian section. So this week I focused on getting respondents booked which I managed to do. I got two bookings confirmed on Thursday and hopefully I will be conducting one interview, which I am really looking for to.

Naveeda-week 4

On the fourth week of the project, I have been successful in being able to contact the Manager for the Pakistani Resource Centre to be able to discuss and finalise the details of a potential coffee morning where respondents will be invited to come and speak about the project.  I have also been successful in bringing in respondents to be interviewed and have myself conducted interviews.  I have also used my own social network to book more interviews and will need to contact those respondents to finalise the dates and times.  It has been an intense week with interviews being conducted every day and in some cases there have been more than one interview conducted per day.  My challenges for next week include maintaining the number of respondents coming in to be interviewed as we will need to ensure that we can interview as many as we can.  I will also need to organise the agenda for the steering group meeting and ensure that I am able to book rooms, tea coffee etc. in time for the steering group meeting.

Abdul-week 4

Ramadan has come and gone and the project is back on track, this week was focused on gaining momentum with the interviews. This was the primary work that I carried out; I also managed to do my own interviews this week. The interviews were with people that I also arranged to come in and have the chat with us. The result was great as the interviews went so much smoother than I was expecting, maybe due to the fact that I had listened to and transcribed more interviews before this.

The website is also starting to take good shape with loads more content being added every week and photos and videos that are going to be up next week will really make the website stand out.

Afzal-Week 3

At the end of last week Amna put me in charge of the transcription process. It was made easier as Abdul made a template for the transcripts so it can be completed more efficiently. This week my responsibilities were to create transcripts for 2 interviews and to look for potential respondents for the Indian section. I completed the transcripts and it was much easier using the template. Also I continued my search for respondents for the Indian section of the project. I managed to secure two respondents but they will do their interviews after the Ramadan break. All in all it was a very good week for me as I managed to complete all my tasks on time and now I will enjoy the month of Ramadan and come back ready to go again.

Naveeda-week 3

On my third week of the project I was able to further transcribe 2 more interviews and was able to continue working on the project and was successful in both transcribing and producing a summary of each interview.  I was also able to get in touch with members of the steering group meeting and was able to arrange a date which was convenient for everyone to attend.  Good communication skills were essential is being able communicate the details of the steering group meeting to members of the steering group committee.  My challenges for next week are to be able to ensure that the details for the meeting are planned and that all the necessary arrangements are made in order to ensure that the steering group meeting is a success.

Abdul-week 3

The third week of the internship and I have started to become a lot more confident in leading interviews. I am yet to do my own interviews however I have sat in on two as well as transcribed another two. These have helped me to understand more clearly what the project is trying to understand.

I am also very well equipped now with the ability to comfortably schedule and liaise with people that have agreed prior to do the interviews.

Afzal-week 2

Now that I have settled in and got to know the project a lot better I’m hoping to push on and get stuck into it. Last week I made documents for the interviews we would be holding; however some mistakes were made and needed them to be adjusted. So I started this week amending them and getting them checked.  After that was done I was told to produce transcripts from the interviews that were done. I was looking forward to it, as this was my first time doing it, however before I got started I needed to know the format of what the transcript had to be done in. After we agreed I got started on it and it was harder than I imagined. It was a challenge I was looking to overcome. At the end of the week I managed to finish the transcript, which was very satisfying. Now looking forward to doing more!

Rahbaan-week 2

In our second week we were straight into conducting the interviews. There were a lot of hiccups regarding the booking of the interviews and people actual attending or not attending so this week was an excellent week to trail our interview and scheduling on. We learnt that not going on lunch an hour prior am interview is important as some respondents came over 45 minutes early. So an overall more efficient approach to liaising with the respondents is required for future. I also came to the conclusion that meeting organisations face to face allows us to build a relationship and trust a lot quicker than via email and telephone,  so this will be further implemented down the line. We also found that through practising transcription and learning the fundamentals the process became easier.

Naveeda-week 2

On my second week of the project, I have been successful in being able to sit in and listen to, and transcribe an interview.  During the interview it was important that I used my listening skills and was able to follow as I was responsible for later summarising the interview.  As well as being able to write a summary, I have also been responsible for the transcription of a whole interview.  I transcribed 10 minutes of the interview and then collated it together using teamwork skills to obtain the rest of the transcripts from my colleagues.  It was important that we worked together to try and transcribe the interview and to ensure that it was consistent.  At the end of second week of the project, 2 interviews were successfully conducted and transcribed.  Teamwork was the main focus this week as it was important that everyone worked together to achieve one transcript that was consistent and concise.  My challenges for next week are to continue using my teamwork skills and to ensure that the standard of consistency stays high and that interviews are being transcribed efficiently.

Abdul-week 2

The second week of the internship has thought me many skills that I wanted to improve anyway. I am so much more confident in calling community centres and liaising with strangers that I have not met before. I have learnt how to transcribe interviews in the correct format and with speed. I have also been involved in my first business meeting with an external software developer and was made in charge of website activities.

I have started to become very familiar with the WordPress software and have managed to educate myself in more complex customisations.