Abbass Khalil

My name is Abbass Khalil and I have worked on the project as a Graphic Designer to create the Mega Mela leaflets and various posters used for the project.

I have volunteered before for a charity in our local area which was raising money for a new Islamic school.  My role as a volunteer initially involved door-to-door leaflet distribution and I then went live on national television to appeal for funds.  This involved going to a total of 3 television stations across Manchester, Blackburn and London where we raised more than £200,000.  I also have volunteering experience of working in the call centre in London where I answered telephone calls and provided excellent customer service when speaking to callers wanting to make a donation.

I volunteered to take part in the project because it gave me the opportunity to demonstrate and improve my graphic design skills.  It also gave me an opportunity to try out something new and participate in a project that would have such a positive impact on the community.  Participating in the project also gave me an opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people.

What interested me about the project was the fact that it was something that I could relate to as I have previous experience of designing posters and banners and therefore it was something which I was more than capable of achieving.  Also, this project was a Muslim Gift Giving Project and so this appealed to me as gift giving was something which I have taken part in and so it was something which appealed to me.

From this volunteering experience, I have learnt new skills in graphic and developed my existing skills.  I also learnt how to cater for a larger audience as my leaflets were printed and distributed over a very large distance and so I had to ensure that the design and content were appropriate for the target audience.

This volunteering experience has been very beneficial and taught me a lot about my own self. It has shown me that I am capable of being able to design and create promotional materials for an event as large as the Mega Mela and it has taught me that with a bit of self-belief, goals can be easily achieved.